jeudi 1 décembre 2016

Yuletide Season : Hatchery Collection - $1 per pack - #TheDigichick

Hello  !

Christmas time, almost ... 
Christmas is more than a day in December : It’s all of those things we love to remember, it’s love we put in each ornements, it’s laugher that rings through the house and it’s the magic and the love.
You will love this Christmas collection with beautiful golden and silver elements, and specific Christmas ornements.
What’s inside the collection ? A page kit containing 88 elements and 20 texturized and patterned papers, but also :  25 glitter style, 11 clusters, 8 journal cards, 9 solids, and 9 card stock, 15 solids with painted edges,  19 golden brush, a complete alpha, 10 puffy stickers, 4 stacked papers, and an album of 4 quick-pages.
You can of course buy each piece from this collection separately, but as always bundle is the best deal !
And during Hatchery time, if you opt for the 13 for $12 bundle, not only you will have for only $12 a $42 value collection, but also an exclusive free gift with purchase !
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Have a lovely week-end !

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