vendredi 18 novembre 2016

Celebrate life is $1 per pack through 11/21 + festive commercial use


It's pickle barrel time again ... Grab this amazing collection from $1 per pack only.
Life is short and we only live once, so, let’s fully enjoy all the gifts life has to offer. Let’s say thank you for being alive, for having some wonderful friends and a beloved family, and for any bit of happiness !
What’s inside the collection ? A page kit containing 82 elements and 20 texturized and patterned papers, but also :  12 glitter style, 10 clusters, 16 journal cards, 6 solids, 6 card stock and 6 solids with painted edges, 12 brads, 4 distressed frames, 6 glitter splatters, 4 stacked papers, and an album of 4 quick-pages,
Exclusively @
With Love,

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