vendredi 21 octobre 2016

Dried Garden : October Pickle Barrel is $1 per pack

Hello !

Leaves and flowers are dancing for the last time before winter. It’s time to have a walk in the garden and admire dried nature. This warm toned collection will enhance not only your fall memories but also your early winter ones. As it’s slightly vintage this set is very versatile.

Honestly, when I saw those colors, I said to myself that it didn't look like me at all. But it turned out beautifully and my CT did a fabulous job with this collection.

What’s inside the collection ? A page kit containing 82 elements and 20 texturized and patterned papers, but also :  12 glitter style, 7 clusters, 8 journal cards, 18 solids, 18 craft papers, 4 stacked papers, an album of 4 quick-pages, 15 brush elements, and  a complete alpha.

During Pickle barrel time, main collection packs are $1 only. You can also opt for the 6 packs in one click with its exclusive FWP.
Exclusively @
Your exclusive Free with Purchase :
Let's detail the content of these 6 packs :
I've also prepared some additional packs :
Have a lovely week-end !

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