vendredi 17 juin 2016

Snack time ! And new CU packs

Hello !

Can you believe it ? It's Pickle barrel time again !

For a healthy way of life, we’re not meant to snack but you can’t deny that nothing is more mouth-watering than candies, ice-creams, candy-cottons and other typical sweetmeats. Tea time is my favorite meal, totally regressive but just delightful for eyes and palate.

What’s inside the collection ? A page kit containing 86 elements, plus some recolored ones, for a total of 90 elements, and 20 texturized papers, but also : 4 accents, 12 glitter style, 4 clusters, 8 journal cards, 6 vintage journal cards, 12 solids and 12  painted papers, 4 stacked papers, an album of 4 quick-pages, and  a sugar alpha pack, and 22 paper tags.

If you opt for the "one click buys all 6" you will pay only $6 for 7 full sized products, since an exclusive free gift with purchase is included.

And you can save up to 50% on add-ons if you opt for the bundled pack !
Exclusively @
Let's detail this :
Buy all 6 in one click and get this exclusive free with purchase :
You can also complete your collection with those coordinated add-ons :
I have some new commercial use items that can be used for your personal creations too !
Available @
Have a lovely week-end !

With Love,

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