jeudi 3 mars 2016

Springtime Pleasure : New Hatchery collection from $1 per pack only !

Hello !
It's Hatchery time @ the Digichick ! What is it ? It's a coordinated collection, that you can mix and match. Each pack is sold $1 only during one full week !

Spring is amazing : It is joyful, colors and light are beautiful, there is something special in the air and every little detail is a delight for eyes and senses.

Your photographies will stand up with this soft and slightly bright collection, full of flowers and joy of living.

What’s inside the collection ? A page kit containing 89 elements and 22 texturized papers, but also :  18 glitter style, 4 accents, 18 Solids, 18 solids with painted edges, 4 clusters, 4 stacked papers, an album of 4 quick-pages , 10 labels, 8 journal cards, 8 glittered edges overlays and a complete alpha.

You can of course buy each piece from this collection separately, but as always bundle is the best deal !
Exclusively @
I've also prepared some coordinated packs, and a bundle with an exclusive free gift with purchase :
Let's have a further look at its content :
I gave this collection to my amazing team very late, so most of them didn't have time to make pages yet, but I did some to show you the possibilities of this set. The first one is from the very talented Kerstin :
And this one is from Kay :
Exclusively @
Have a lovely week !

With Love,

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