vendredi 20 novembre 2015

On my list - Nov Pickle Barrel - $1 per pack through 11/23

Hello !
Are you ready for Christmas or are you preparing this slowly ? I’m in the second category : I choose carefully each embellishment. Children update their Santa’s list every day, so my only problem is choosing and I slowly prepare house for celebrating this event, till we install our Christmas tree at the very last moment. I try to find a new color scheme every year. It’s usually a joyful and peaceful period. I love Christmas atmosphere : It’s a long and happy process and I need to update my to do list each day.

This is all this collection is about : You’ll find inside the kit some paper flowers, Christmas ornements, glitter bulbs and bows, with bright colors ! A bundle of joy concentrated into 80 elements and 20 papers.
It is only $1 per pack through Nov. 23.

If you opt for the 6 packs, you will have an exclusive free gift with purchase : A pack of 8 vintage journal cards. You can easily make some beautiful labels for Christmas with them !
I've prepared some coordinated packs. Opt for 6 packs in a click and get your exclusive free gift with purchase :
Your free gift with purchase :
You can save 30% on those packs if you buy them separately or 50% if you op for the bundled add-ons pack :
Inspiration :
I wish you a lovely week-end !

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