lundi 17 août 2015

Plan it ! NEW Mega Collection !

Hello my sweet ladies !

Did you enjoy your holidays ?

For today, I'm back with a new FULL MEGA collection. read carefully this email and don't miss bundles deals ! 
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For most of us, holidays are behind or almost, and it’s time to go back to work. Children will go back to school soon too. And activities will begin again … Do you know what you absolutely need ? A calendar ! To plan your next holidays, of course.

What’s inside this collection ? A page kit containing 100 elements and 24 texturized papers, but also : A perpetual calendar, a A4 quick-pages calendar (including 2015 & 2016), calendar cards (for 2015 & 2016), journal cards, stickers, glitters style, clusters, stacked papers, album, solids and card stock ans some notebooks templates !
You can of course buy each piece from this collection separately, but as always bundles are best deals !
I prepared 3 different bundles : A mega one, including the whole collection, a printable one, including all calendars + journal cards, and a digital scrapbooking one, including everything except printable pieces.
Let's have a look at this collection :
You will LOVE this :
Here are bundles :
- The MEGA one with everything in it :
The CREATIVE one, containing all you need to realize digital scrapbooking projects :
The PRINTABLE one : It contains items specially prepared to be printed, or to be digitaly used : Both versions are included.
Inspiration :
Have a lovely scrappy week !
With Love

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