vendredi 21 août 2015

NEW Full collection - Pickle Barrel - $1 per pack - Limited time only + NEW CU packs

Hello ladies !

It seems that we are now at a crossroads : Summer is not totally behind us, but autumn is knocking at the door. Light is changing and colors too ! They’re still bright but a little bit warmer and berries delight our taste-buds and eyes.
To give an unique light to my elements, I’ve slightly painted them : They look warm and absolutely soft.

What’s inside this collection ? A page kit containing 80 elements and 20 texturized papers, but also : an alpha, 8 journal cards, 4 accents, 12 glitters style, 4 clusters, 4 stacked papers, an album of 4 quick pages, solids and card stock ans some beautiful contrasted papers !

Best part comes now : Each pack is $1 piece through Monday.
After, it will be sold at its regular price.

Exclusively @

Save on those new CU packs. They can be also used for your personal use projects
With Love,

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