lundi 9 juin 2014

June GAB : Pastel Soul is 1$ per pack through 06/15

How are you today ? It's GAB time ! Can you believe it ? We're in June ! June ? Time flies soooooo fast ! My God ! We're almost on summer break ! Wow !

For this month I built a very soft collection and I hope you will like it as much as I enjoyed creating it !

I love tender & pastel colors. They wrap you into their softness and we almost feel as in a dream. It’s so peaceful, it has a childhood taste. I love this collection, it contains really unique elements and papers.

                  10 packs1 $ each : Build a collection which looks like you !
You can now save time and buy a all in one pack : I bundled elements and it's sold 1$ per pack only !

Elements pack contains 90 different elements and paper pack contains 20 texturized papers ! I also prepared some extra packs such as an album, someready to use embellishments, an extra pack of elementswordsjournal cardssolids paperspolaroids to enhance your photos.

It's a really complete and very versatile collection!

Inspiration :

Have a scrapy and lovely week ! 

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