vendredi 24 janvier 2014

PS Script [Cast Shadows] & SBB B-Day coupon

Hello ladies !

It's almost week-end and I can't wait ! I caught a bad cold, and I wish this week were finished yet !

I have several news for you today :

First of all a new product. Let me introduce you a fantastic script to realize quickly and easily perfect cast shadows !

You want to give depth and relief to any of your photoshop creation ? You're dreaming about scenic pages ? Or you simply want to make a deep clustering ? 
From now, it's as simple as a click : With this action, creating cast shadows is as easy as it can be : Pop ups will guide you through the whole process, and an illustrated step by step guide will help you if needed.
It's a MUST HAVE, for sure !

Available here :

It's SBB B-Day and I prepared a special coupon for YOU :

Enjoy your week-end !


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